Memorial Options

Memorial Options

The following is a list of memorial items that the parish has available. Some options may require more than one memorial donation to accomplish. This list is not all inclusive, and will be updated as new options arise. If you are interested in any of these items as a memorial for your loved one and would like further information, please contact the parish office at 920-865-7844, or email Thank you for remembering the parish when considering memorials for your loved ones.

1. New Altar Server Robes

2. Update Narthex/Gathering Space

3. New microphones/Sound System in Church

4. Pass It On Book program through the Parish Library

5. Shrubs/Landscaping around Parish building or rectory

6. Replace/Repair Nativity Scene

7. Remodel parish office

8. Technology updates for Resurrection/Nelson Halls

9. Update old orange/brown carpet in hallway, CF office, and basement

10. Air-conditioning for Resurrection Hall

11. Bell tower update

12. Donation for cards/stamps for outreach through Parish Nurse (thinking of you, sympathy, Get Well, blank note, etc)

13. Gather Third Edition Choral, Piano, Guitar, and Instrument Books