Parish Committees







2nd Tuesday


Maintenance & Safety Committee


9:00 am

Marian Room

Evaluates the physical plant and identifies and responds to current needs in practical ways and looks ahead to determine long-range needs.

Members: Fr. Dave Hoffman, Mike Grzywa, Sheri Mastalish, Len Gracyalny, Art Weiber, Mike VanBeckum, Bill Schumacher, Stephen Rickert, Doug Budz and Della Clabots


3rd Wednesday Finance Council 6:00 pm Via Zoom  

The Finance Council coordinates all financial activities of the parish.  They have the responsibility of developing and overseeing the annual parish budget, and implementing it in order to fulfill the goals and objectives of the parish. 

Members: Fr. Dave Hoffman, Sheri Mastalish, Trustee Katy Karcz, Claire Tauscher, Donna Sheedy, Stephan Rickert, Trustee Craig Maternoski, Terry Brockman, Shirley Havlik


1st Tuesday


Social Concerns


6:00 pm

Resurrection Hall

Brings awareness to the parish and promotes the dignity of human life as it seeks to carry out the social mission of the Church through social justice and charitable works.

Members:  Shannon Wienandt, Michele DeBaker, Christine Zepnick, Julie Drobeck, Doug Vine, Gretchen Ebelt, Monica Pawlak, Mary Kurzynski, Lori Flanagan (staff liaison)

3rd Tuesday


Christian Formation Committee



6:30 pm

Resurrection Hall

Establishes goals and objectives for total Catholic education within the parish; develops guidelines and policies regarding discipline, personnel, and evaluation of the overall program; and ensures religious educational needs of all ages are met.

Members: Mary Walkenhorst, Phyllis Hendricks, Marty Krause, Mikey Stencil, Tanya Bub, Mary Anne McFarlane, Tracie Rottier, Chris Williams

2nd Thursday


Health & Wellness


6:00 pm

Room 222

Strives to implement health awareness on various issues pertinent to today’s culture. Also evaluate and prioritize the healthcare needs of our parish.

Members: Carol Mueller, Vicki Behnke, Lynn Rentmeester, Vicky Bodart, Michelle Greenheck, Sheila Teddy, Kim Burkel, Judy Rowinsky


Liturgy Committee




Provides for the spiritual development of parishioners through liturgical celebrations and prayer experiences whenever the parish community gathers for weekend liturgies, Advent, Christmas, Lent, Holy Week, and Easter.

Members: Fr. Dave Hoffman, Jennifer McAllister, Debbie Kapla

4th Thursday


Parish Council


6:30 pm

Resurrection Hall

Shares responsibility with the Pastor & pastoral staff to prayerfully discern and give advice on policies and direction related to planning, implementing, promoting, and supporting short- and long-range pastoral plans and activities.

Members: Fr. Dave Hoffman, Trustee Katy Karcz,  Paul VanSistine, Kaylyn Laskowski, Keith Pierson, Becky Volkman, Paul Schoen, Tammy Willems, Lori Flanagan (staff liaison)

2nd Wednesday

Discipleship Committee

6:00 pm

Resurrection Hall

Brings about in all Catholics such an enthusiasm for their faith in Jesus, they freely share it with others. Works to make evangelization, stewardship, and welcoming an integral part of every parish event.

Members: Fr. Dave Hoffman,  Carol Smith, Amy Maternoski, Mary Anne McFarlane, Donna Sheedy, Jerry Stepien, Paul & Sue VanSistine, Jody Zepnick, Keith Deneys, Jeana & Mark Steffel, Michelle Verhagen, Barb DeVillers, Jenn & Mark Heck, Lori Flanagan (staff liaison)