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Dynamic Catholic - June 2022 message

Posted by Lori Flanagan

Every kind of success requires perseverance.  Want to lose weight and stay fit?  You have to persevere in exercising and eating a proper diet.  Want to build trust-filled relationships?  Persevere in being vulnerable and honest over time.  Want to have a flourishing career?  Persevere in doing the hard work ... Read More »

Dynamic Catholic - May message

Posted by Lori Flanagan

What's the difference between a soul that doesn't reach its potential and one that is undeniably flourishing?  Encouragement.

It’s just one of the many reasons that mothers hold a special place in our lives.  No one loves, supports, gives, and encourages quite like a mother does.  And no mother ... Read More »

Dynamic Catholic - April message

Posted by Lori Flanagan

What do you need Jesus to resurrect in your life this Easter?  A strained relationship?  A dream you stopped pursuing?  Your financial security?  Your sense of wonder?  Whatever we most need Jesus to infuse with new life, it can be transformed by the power of His Resurrection this Easter.  ... Read More »

Lenten Calendar - Christ in the City

Posted by Lori Flanagan

Attached is a calendar from Christ in the City, a non-profit that ministers to the homeless, that our parish has supported in the past.  It contains activities to do each during Lent, as well as a person to pray for.  Check it out!!


Also attached is a ... Read More »

Dynamic Catholic - February message

Posted by Lori Flanagan

Love Is A Verb—Not A Feeling

February 2022


What if there was a whole month dedicated to deliberately and intentionally growing our relationships? In February, we celebrate Valentine’s Day, honoring St. Valentine with a renewed commitment to love in our most important relationships. But one day isn’t enough. ... Read More »

Dynamic Catholic January Message

Posted by Lori Flanagan

Please copy and paste the link below in your browser to find inspiration from Matthew Kelly & Dynamic Catholic!


Dynamic Catholic - December messages

Posted by Lori Flanagan

Please click on the link below to see the December resources from Dynamic Catholic.


SOCIAL CONCERNS NOTES - Anxiety & Depression

Posted by Lori Flanagan

Depression and Anxiety in Teens and Children: Warning Signs and Parenting Tips

Depression and anxiety are increasing at an alarming rate due to the pandemic, political, racial, and socioeconomic issues around the world.  Children and teens are not immune to these issues and teens naturally experience more anxiety and ... Read More »


Posted by Lori Flanagan

Did you ever wonder how homeless, low income, unemployed, and elderly people do their laundry?  Well they usually don’t, not the way we do.  Since they do not own washing machines or dryers, the only option they have is coin-operated laundromats or not at all.  Because they don’t have ... Read More »


Posted by Lori Flanagan

We received a total of 181 responses to our recent survey about returning to Mass.  About 50% of the respondents have not returned to Mass due to concerns over COVID; 46% of the respondents have returned to Mass.  Of those responding, 82% watch our Mass online.  We are pleased ... Read More »