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Dynamic Catholic - November 2022 Message

Posted by Lori Flanagan

Everything you will ever experience has been experienced by a saint!  Everything.  Saints represent every race, come from every culture and time, they are male and female, young and old, rich and poor, practical and mystical.  Wherever you are on your spiritual journey, the saints can offer you the ... Read More »

Dynamic Catholic October 2022 message

Posted by Lori Flanagan

Do you ever feel distant from God?  We all struggle in the spiritual life from time to time.  Thankfully, October begins with the feast of St. Therese of Lisieux, who reminds us of a powerful truth: God is only ever one choice away!  Every moment of our lives is ... Read More »

Dynamic Catholic September 2022 Message

Posted by Lori Flanagan

Do you believe holiness is possible for you?  At the beginning of September, we celebrate the feast of St. Teresa of Calcutta.  Mother Teresa reminds us of many things: to serve the poor, to listen for God's voice and seek silence, to give until it hurts.  But above all ... Read More »

Dynamic Catholic - August 2022 message

Posted by Lori Flanagan

What part of your life needs transfiguration?  August begins with the feast of Jesus' Transfiguration, a word which means "a complete change in form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state."  Is that what you need for your prayer life?  Your financial life and willingness to give ... Read More »

Dynamic Catholic - July 2022 message

Posted by Lori Flanagan

Every moment can be holy or unholy, and our choices guide a moment in either direction.  July is a month when we reflect on the powerful gift of freedom we enjoy as Americans.  But long before the Declaration of Independence was signed, God himself gave us the extraordinary gift ... Read More »

Dynamic Catholic - June 2022 message

Posted by Lori Flanagan

Every kind of success requires perseverance.  Want to lose weight and stay fit?  You have to persevere in exercising and eating a proper diet.  Want to build trust-filled relationships?  Persevere in being vulnerable and honest over time.  Want to have a flourishing career?  Persevere in doing the hard work ... Read More »

Dynamic Catholic - May message

Posted by Lori Flanagan

What's the difference between a soul that doesn't reach its potential and one that is undeniably flourishing?  Encouragement.

It’s just one of the many reasons that mothers hold a special place in our lives.  No one loves, supports, gives, and encourages quite like a mother does.  And no mother ... Read More »

Dynamic Catholic - April message

Posted by Lori Flanagan

What do you need Jesus to resurrect in your life this Easter?  A strained relationship?  A dream you stopped pursuing?  Your financial security?  Your sense of wonder?  Whatever we most need Jesus to infuse with new life, it can be transformed by the power of His Resurrection this Easter.  ... Read More »

Lenten Calendar - Christ in the City

Posted by Lori Flanagan

Attached is a calendar from Christ in the City, a non-profit that ministers to the homeless, that our parish has supported in the past.  It contains activities to do each during Lent, as well as a person to pray for.  Check it out!!


Also attached is a ... Read More »

Dynamic Catholic - February message

Posted by Lori Flanagan

Love Is A Verb—Not A Feeling

February 2022


What if there was a whole month dedicated to deliberately and intentionally growing our relationships? In February, we celebrate Valentine’s Day, honoring St. Valentine with a renewed commitment to love in our most important relationships. But one day isn’t enough. ... Read More »