Dynamic Catholic - May message

What's the difference between a soul that doesn't reach its potential and one that is undeniably flourishing?  Encouragement.

It’s just one of the many reasons that mothers hold a special place in our lives.  No one loves, supports, gives, and encourages quite like a mother does.  And no mother offers as powerful, endless, and deeply personal encouragement as Mary does.  So, this May, let us honor the encouragement of our mothers by seeking out what will help us reach our full potential.  And when encouragement seems to be running short, let us turn to Mary and ask her to pour it into our lives.

Here are a few sources of encouragement to help you flourish like never before!

Inspiration from St. Francis de Sales:  “Let us run to Mary, and, as her little children, cast ourselves into her arms with a perfect confidence.” –Saint Francis de Sales

God wants you to dream!  What are you dissatisfied with?  If a friend described that situation to you and asked for advice, how would you advise him/her?

Virtue in focus…  Gentleness is the virtue of acting with kindness and tenderness. Who do you know who exemplifies gentleness? How is God calling you to be gentle with others? How is He inviting you to be gentle with yourself?

Did you know…  Research shows that receiving a compliment lights up the same part of the brain as a monetary reward?  Who can you pay a compliment to today to bring them joy?

For those who need a reminder of life’s simple joys…  “Go out and do something that you used to love doing as a kid (swimming, throwing rocks, shooting some hoops, getting ice cream, etc.).  Fulfillment happens when you love life.  People are inspired by someone who loves his or her life and is carefree like a kid.” –Justin Fatica,

Let’s Pray!  O Lady, by the love which you bear Jesus, help me to love Him. –St. Bridget