Priest, Prophet & King

When you and I were Baptized, we were anointed with the Oil of Catechumens and the priest or deacon said that we, along with Christ, were anointed Priest, Prophet, and King.  This is our Baptism call.  This is how to live a Christ-centered life.  But what does that mean in everyday terms?  Taken from the book, Living the Mass, we are called to do the following:

     * As priest:  make Jesus present to others; praise and worship God through our lives; offer ourselves and our lives in sacrifice; help others gain access to God; intercede for the needs of the world and act as part of God's response to those needs; help others find God through us.

     * As prophet:  speak on behalf of the oppressed; clearly and boldly speak God's word; bear witness, evangelize and catechize; bring hope to those in despair; challenge people and institutions to be faithful; fearlessly speak out about injustice.

     * As king:  serve and protect the vulnerable; provide for those unable to provide for themselves; love enemies; lay down our lives for others; work for justice; live with dignity; respect others' dignity; restore lives that are broken; represent God's will; protect our world and all of God's creation.

There are 22 different ways listed above - pick just one this week to put into practice!


Fr. Dominic Grassi and Joe Paprocki, Living the Mass: How One Hour a Week Can Change Your Life, pp. xiv-xv.