Did you ever wonder how homeless, low income, unemployed, and elderly people do their laundry?  Well they usually don’t, not the way we do.  Since they do not own washing machines or dryers, the only option they have is coin-operated laundromats or not at all.  Because they don’t have money or very little money to go to the laundromat and pay $4.25 to $7.25 for each wash load plus the cost of drying, they don’t go at all or very seldom.  So they go through life with low self-confidence and embarrassment because they live in dirty, maybe even smelly, clothes.  Pretty hard to go to a job interview or work, or for children to go to school in unclean clothes.

Welcome to Laundry Love - Green Bay, an organization with 5 staff members and 10+ volunteers, all unpaid, who fundraise and currently hold 2 Laundry Love events each month to help those needing their laundry done.  These 2 events are just scratching the surface of the need in our area.  At the event the volunteers provide laundry soap, dryers sheets, and quarters in a loving, caring environment so the attendees can get their clothes cleaned.  The volunteers even put on a little lunch for the participants while the laundry is being done.  For those that cannot attend the event or to show love to our neighbors outside the laundromat walls, the volunteers put together and distribute “Laundry Bundles” (small bags of costly laundry supplies) for them to use when they can.

More info can be found on their website at  If interested, volunteers are needed for either the day or evening event (a few hours) and for people to supply and/or serve the food provided.  You can volunteer by responding on their website.  The Social Concerns Committee has approved a $5,000 grant to help this organization; however, funds will not begin being collected until late Spring 2022.