Who Is The Best Steward You Know?

Who is the best steward you know?

First, I guess we need to define what makes a good steward. The Church tells us that stewardship is a way of life, that we should generously give of our time, talent, and treasure through prayer, service, and sharing just as God has generously given us all that we have. 

So, who is the best steward you know? My hope is that you are able to answer, “me.”  You should be the best steward you know – and don’t compare yourself with anyone else.  Do you talk to God daily in prayer – and not just talk to Him but take time to listen for His answer in your heart?  I personally find it very hard to quiet my mind, especially because it’s so full of “I want” and “I need” and occasionally, “thank you, God.”  But when I have taken the time to listen, God has said some pretty powerful things! Do you go to Mass every week?  Make God a priority in your life and that of your family.  Spend one hour in His presence and receive Jesus – body, blood, soul, and divinity – into the tabernacle of your body by receiving the Eucharist.  Feel God become a part of the essence of who you are!

Do you serve others? There are so many ways, big and small, to be of service to others.  Sometimes it is as simple as paying for all or part of the next person’s beverage or meal in line at the fast food restaurant or coffee shop.  Giving someone your shopping cart at Aldi and saving them a quarter has gotten a bigger reaction that I ever imagined.  Making food for the homeless shelter, baking for a parish event, becoming a catechist, serving in a parish ministry or on a parish committee – those things that take time and effort on your part to make a difference in the world – that’s what makes a great steward!

How generous are you with your possessions? Do you hang onto things because you may need them in the future when someone else could use them now?  Do you contribute to bona fide charities to help improve living conditions for the poorest of the poor?  Do you support your parish financially, not with what’s left over after paying for everything else you need and want, but by making it a priority along with paying your mortgage and utilities?  When you are generous with others, you actually feel better about yourself.  You are making someone happy, so you in turn are happy.  Who doesn’t want to feel good about themselves? 

So, consider how you are helping your parish, and this is YOUR parish. You determine whether it will succeed or fail.  We are asking you to make a commitment now to pray for others, serve on a parish committee or ministry according to the gifts you’ve been given, and make a financial commitment to support the mission of your parish.  Don’t wait for someone else to sign up – we need you.

What is the mission of the parish? To make disciples – that will be next week’s topic!