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Twenty Reasons Why I Go To Mass

Posted by Lori Flanagan

At Bible Study today, one of our members talked about a priest that raised up a $20 bill and said that he would give any person the $20 if they could give 20 reasons why they went to Mass.  No one got the $20 that day.  I can't afford to offer ... Read More »

Moving the Tabernacle

Posted by Lori Flanagan

A tabernacle can be found in every Catholic Church, in a place of honor that can be in the sanctuary or in a separate chapel.  A Sanctuary Lamp is placed nearby – this Sanctuary Lamp contains a candle that is constantly burning to alert people that the Real Presence ... Read More »

Three ways parishes can experience a revival of faith: Better music, preaching and a broader knowledge of why we go to Mass can help refill church pews by John Michael Talbot, OSV Newsweekly

Posted by Lori Flanagan

For concerts and talks, I travel to more than 150 parishes a year, mostly in the United States. Through my work, I get to see so much good and meet so many saints.

But I’ve also witnessed a disturbing pattern. Where a decade ago I used to see churches ... Read More »

Why Should We Go To Mass?

Posted by Lori Flanagan

“Mass is boring.”  “I don’t get anything out of Mass—why should I go?”  “Why can’t I just pray alone?”  How often have we heard these comments from our family members, friends, or neighbors?  How should we respond?

The Catholic Church tells us that we have an obligation to go ... Read More »

Understanding the Mass

Posted by Lori Flanagan

For many Catholics, we do things automatically because that is what we were taught to do as children.  But, do you understand why we do the things we do when we enter a church to celebrate the sacraments?  Through a series of articles, I hope to help you understand ... Read More »

Declutter for Lent

Posted by Lori Flanagan

Lenten Regulations:  Each Catholic is asked to preserve the penitential purpose and character of Lent, which begins Ash Wednesday (February 18, 2015).  Catholics who have celebrated their 14th birthday are to abstain from meat on Ash Wednesday, all Fridays in Lent, and Good Friday (April 3, 2015).  In addition ... Read More »

Prayer and Spiritual Art

Posted by Lori Flanagan

The artwork you find in many Bibles, which can include the stylized capitalized letters at the beginning of a chapter to full page designs, are called Illuminations.  Many of the Illuminations were meant to tell a story from the Bible and most had very deep meaning.  Other spiritual artwork developed ... Read More »