Liturgical Minister Schedule

We are pleased to announce we are using a new online scheduling system that allows you to specify the times that do not work well for you to serve, check your schedule from anywhere, and easily find a substitute when you can't make it. For information and help on how to use this system, please watch this short video or refer to this printable guide

After watching the video, you can log in to the "Web Terminal" using the link below.


Thank you to all who responded for the summer schedules.  If you did not respond and would like to be put back on the regular schedule, please let me know.  You can call me at 920-865-7844, or email me at [email protected].

A couple of reminders for everyone (most of you already do these things, but just to remind you after such a long absence): Ministers of Hospitality, please arrive at least 15 minutes before Mass begins; Lectors, Altar Servers and Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion please arrive at least 10 minutes before Mass begins; all should check in with Liturgy Assistant, Liturgy Assistants will begin looking for people to fill spots no later than 5 minutes prior to Mass, so please arrive before that.  

Lectors, we have gone back to having two Lectors at each Mass.  The first person listed reads the first reading and the second person listed will read the second reading.  That will allow you all to be proclaiming about once per month instead of once every 6-9 weeks or so.  I know that some of you prefer to have only one Lector per Mass, but having two allows everyone to read more often and for more people to be involved.